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Colt Schaeffer turns eighteen years old only for his father to give him a deed to an old, abandoned family manor. He isn?t so enthused about getting a gift from the man. He has a dark history with his father while his mother has kept him protected for the majority of his life. He had long blocked the memories from his mind, pushing aside the deed to the Schaeffer Manor. He goes about his daily life. 
He has his share of secrets like everyone else. He dumps his high school girlfriend for his best friend. His best friend is the love of his life. He?s always had his eyes on Melody Colson who might return his feelings. He won?t know until he tries, but it?s when his other best friend; Apollo Lange, suggests heading to Schaeffer Manor that things take an odd turn. 
He thinks like his best friends and former girlfriend that it?ll be a fun vacation. He wants to get into acting as a career with the talent to become a star. However, staying at the Schaeffer Manor secluded by acres of trees and a lake might be his final days alive. He didn?t know his father held back on telling him the truth about the manor. Of course, he wasn?t exactly close with his father. 
They?ll go batshit trying to survive. Survive a murderer running rampage who seems to have come with the manor. So, what happens if it?s someone close to the group? Surviving the days at the manor might not be so easy at that rate. So, who is the murderer?

Batshit - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083776
  • Madaline Clifton
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