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Before the Storm, is another intriguing short fiction stories made up of three short fiction stories? Beast of the Road, Marked for Hatred and Killer in the Mist. Beast of the road was about a trucker in Panaji, Goa, India, who specialized in kidnapping, torturing, raping and killing young women on the pretense of offering a lift. Luck ran against him when a police officer on patrol caught him assaulting his last victim inside his truck and got him arrested before he could killed the 51 victim. He almost escaped due to lack of enough concrete evidence against him but thanks to the Indian Special Task Force who broke the camel's back by providing more than enough evidence against him, to send him to life in prison by the law court. Marked for hatred was about Arjun and Samay. The two of them were best of friends dealing on transport business until bus contract tore them apart, and they became the biggest rivals. Arjun fell into Samay's trap with the help of his lover, Sahara Burman and was murdered and dropped on the Indian Ocean. Samay almost got away because he covered his track very well but due to the brilliant work of the Indian Special Task Force and investigators, the Mistry behind the scene was unraveled and the killers paid for their crimes. Killer in the mist is about a young teenager Angela who was kidnapped, raped murdered and dumped in a river by her neighbour. She thought she would never see justice but 28 years later, the detectives who did not gave up the investigations put up a brilliant performance. The killer was unmasked and paid for his crimes.

Before the Storm

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