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"Have you ever wished for a time machine to carry you back into your past and alter specific moments that you believe would have changed the course of your life in the present and the future? But sadly, life does not work out that way. We bring with us our past wherever we go, and often we let who we were dictate the person who we will become. 
This book is a love letter you would write for you. This contains words that you would have wanted to tell yourself, words that you have long wanted to hear from others, words that would bring hope and healing to your exhausted soul. 
May this book inspire you to finally own up to Who You Were, motivate Who You Are and empower Who You Will Become. 
And all of this start from mustering the courage to Begin Again.

Begin Again

SKU: 9789357702263
  • Julie Khristie
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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