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Every soul keeps humming its song, secretly wishing for another soul to understand, but not all words can be expressed and neither every ear is here to hear. When the moments standstill and the hours remain silent, the vibrant unconfined soul unleashes a creative spell. Beyond Silence is the galaxy of such magic at work.


A collection of snippets of eternity, truths, and metaphors, a bundle of unspoken curiosity paving the way to mystical chaos witnessing and emoting life as we know. What started with impressions seeking expressions, Beyond Silence is now a book that takes a journey to the author's deep insight about life and collects the contemporary culture within the frame of spiritual curiosity, capturing the enigma of modernity with a transcendent twist.


The book is about an unrequited love that might be looming at the horizon and is like a long- overdue tête-à-tête with yourself. Go on an adventure within yourself and discover a wonderland of mystical musings narrated through deep metaphors poetry.


Keep your eyes up -

Descend with grace

Remember the royalty you are 

By this I mean lift your head 

And for goodness’ sake, smile..!

Beyond Silence

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