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The angels whispered to me 'if only these walls could speak'. And they do a celestially terrifying true story.
Beyond and above the natural world a realm exists where Heaven and Earth intermingle lies Eagle Point Plantation a notoriously haunted pre circa 1680 civil war Plantation in Virginia, a literal angelic playground situated directly under the planets Sirius, Arcturus, Mars and Pleades and 'Latitude 37' the extraterrestrials highway.
Kristin, on a spiritual quest is given a revelation, unlocking the explosive and electrifying supernatural realm. The spirits and ghosts in the house start wrecking havoc on Kristin and Stewart's nine year toxic relationship and Kristin and autistic son Ryan who is a psychic medium stop acknowledging the mystical aspects of their world as supernatural, instead it becomes their reality.

Beyond the Veil - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082768
  • Kristin Osborne
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