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After experiencing a soul-shattering incident, Bunny, a dreamy-headed, small-town teenager, is heartbroken and confused. Then, one day, by chance, he encounters his old school teacher. 
Jenkin, the old teacher, is a long-haired, awfully-attired drunkard. When the world around Jenkin is busy making fun of him, Bunny discovers a broken version of himself in the pain-filled eyes of Jenkin. In fact, Bunny sees a rainbow of hope in his tears. And there begins a journey into the intriguing life of Jenkin. His life was once heaven, but now it is drenched in blood. But how did that happen?
Join Bunny as he navigates the tragic yet enlightening life of Jenkin and strives to find the courage to face the demons of his own past. Inspirational, poetically-thrilling, and thought-provoking, Blood Heaven is a beautiful novel that teaches us to never stop pursuing our dreams, for dreamers may die, their dreams breathe forever.

Blood Heaven - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082946
  • Rajesh Raj
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