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This is the unknown story of the winter war, where kingdoms and sorcerers sacrifice their lives to prove themselves what is Change and Peace.  The story follows the Queen of Leischen, Snow Voucha Sophixzel, who hid her identity from the Chrystalian nation. She is a half widyel, a winter sorcerer. Her family's fate comes to death.  She must face Eric, the bringer of destruction, the so-called 'False God', as he killed tons of people in every places.   Some were traitors, some serve loyalty. Some were lost, and some died from sacrifice. Nobles and sorcerers, bloodshed and death.  As the nation of Chrystalis will go down the hell, who would let it rise again? Who will change it?  The war is here. Winter has come!

Blood Stains on Snow - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084102
  • Paperback

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