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Blooming Self is about discovering a way to your real home, the poems scribbled here leaves a mark on your heart while manifesting the better version of you. No matter where you belong or how your started or where you are standing now, poetry is a open sesame to paradise of emotions, feelings, pleasures, shades of misery, happiness and everything that is living in your soul. We strive to be called best and still regret the rest, no human in this world made it easy to reach the last breath, we nearly die many times in this travel yet don�t give up on dreams just to make certain we are meant for something. �let us all bloom while exposing our auras to the galaxies and beyond so whenever we�re gone we�ll still be alive on these papers and make the world feel the world�. i came for the moon and compromised with a star, even when battles happened within me i shut my all to at least hold what i have forever. but later, i realised the beauty is in my eyes and it can change the colour or shine as i want but my heart loved just the way, it is just the way, it reflects pureness and unpolluted freshness towards my life. star is prettier than the moon for now and for all time maybe, to only my eyes and that�s still a blessing.

Blooming Self

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  • Shreya Gunda
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