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These children bunches of friends and dudes are in general one of the main literary themes, great challenge and inspiration  in writings of our and foreign children writers. Reasons and the necessity for this children grouping are for sure, universal, and unfettered by space, time, game, national decay or any other unnatural limitation. Main reasons for grouping are above all, play and the necessity for socializing, because child is social being like the adults are. 
                           The novel �Bracika's bunch�, of Bajruzin Hajro Planjac, had already seven editions, and that tells us that this time about children bunches of dudes did not pass, in contrary. It is still present and shows us plenty of new themes, motives and different ways of art shaping. This novel, in many elements (of thematic and aesthetic structure )belongs to the classical structure and form of the children novels.
                     However, children gather themselves because of fun and play, and every member of the bunch has something interesting for him, but at the end he acts like other in the bunch want. Members of this bunch : Sajo, Dado, Pike, Russian, Kenta, Rile, Dino and Bracika, in every occasion they show that this bunch has its own rules of behavior. However, the structure of the novel and the way of developing of fabule show marvelous characteristics of this novel, of Planjac, that are marked in two parallels, and that makes this novel so unique and different in the compare of established form of this genre. Great structure is because of the little Bracika, who is boy that maturing in this novel. This is the boy, that has the most attention of the writer. 
                        Esthetic experience while reading this novel, is crystallized with spontaneous emotion which gives than a process of perception, identification with heroes and events. 
                      Esthetic subject can be seen in the context and writer's fiction in reader's consciousness and makes this novel personal, with personal experience and creative act. 
                         At the end, it is good to point out that the novel �Bracika's bunch�, gives to little readers all they really like: play, fun, humor, and the spirit relaxation

Bracika's bunch

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