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An idol of Ma Durga washes ashore. Nothing extraordinary for Kolkata, except for the body of a trans woman found inside.

ACP Shyama learns to overcome her prejudices as she travels across the country in search of the victim�s truth. A unique tattoo on the victim�s leg is her only clue.

During the investigation, ACP Shyama crosses paths with a brothel owner, an elderly zamindar�s wife and a troubled teen. They were all close to the victim at some point of time in her life, until the untimely passing of her husband in a fire. ACP Shyama�s gut tells her that the events that transpired after that fateful day led to the victim�s murder. However, she�s running out of suspects as the trail starts to run cold. Will ACP Shyama be able to look past the obvious and catch the killer?

Butterfly in a Bind - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082678
  • Sheba Ghosh
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