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Caf? Notes is a carefully curated collection in which tone and theme, two key elements and foundations of any focused and solid work of art, synchronize to offer readers an elixir from the first to the last page. 
The poems are characterized, enhanced and woven together by strings of symbols and metaphors around tea, coffee, cups, heat, fire, the kitchen etc. The language of poetry greets the reader instantly and gets one thinking and savoring because of its metaphorical depth and dynamism.
In some instance tea/coffee consumption takes a metonymic dimension. It becomes a mirror through which one looks into self and one?s environment. It becomes more than a drink, a means and source of entertainment and a pastime, but a piece of theatre where life and its dimensions and dynamics are on stage; like likening Iced Tea with a bride, then everyone and finally heroes. Another time, through creative mischievousness lemonade takes a swipe at tea. 
Through a variety of messages around Caf? settings, the poet successfully enables the reader to walk and explore relatable issues and images with the narrator. 
The poet proposes the essence of coffee and later ends by saying it cannot be explained because everyone has their scripts. In the ending analysis tea comes into conflict with poetry, is adjudged guilty, but then saved by poetry through a sweetened piece of poetic paper bearing milk and honey.

Caf� Notes - Dust Jacket

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