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Adventures of Camelia is a comic series.  Concept of the Multiverse has been discussed in a unique way in this series. Our world of perception is restricted to a specific limit. There is a limit to our world of feelings. Beyond the world of feelings, there is a huge world as well . In this story, a good relationship between science fiction and mythology has slowly developed.

(1)Camelia and the creatures of the planet Deckster is the first installment of this multiverse adventure, beginning the exploration of the multiverse. Camelia and her companion Robert are sent into space on a special mission. There Camelia is introduced to the creatures of the planet Deckster. Many mysteries of space are revealed. She learns about the planet Terratullus 999.

But will Camelia be able to save herself and Robert from the creatures of that planet Deckster? Can they come back to earth?

(2)Camelia and the monster from the multiverse is the second installment of this multiverse adventure.

We thik Universe is infinite but that’s not the truth, Universe has a boundary as well and what is beyond that boundary? Probably one more universe or a string of parallel universes. This is where the concept of multiverse arises.

A monster from that multiverse arrives in our world. He wants to contact other monsters in their universe, to bring them to this world. Can Camelia and her team save the world from the monster?

Camelia and The Creatures of Planet Deckster

  • Pabitra Adhikary

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