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Our world of perception is restricted to a specific limit. There is a limit to our world of feelings. Beyond the world of feelings, there is a huge world as well.
Whatever would happen, it was predestined. That is, the event will happen as it happened.  The past cannot be changed. The events that will happen in the future will happen that way. No one can change the future.
Whatever would happen, it was predestined. If we try to change the past or the future in any way, then we must understand that it was the same way. That was universal programming. As long as there was only one universe, this rule of universal programming followed. But after having multiple universes, the same event can happen in different ways in different universes.
We can even say that to make these events happen in different ways, the universal programming is messed up. Different universes are created to fix it.

Camelia Into The Mysterious Universe

  • Pabitra Adhikary

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