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ABSTRACT. The primary goal of this research is to explore the effect of leadership of school heads toward teacher�s performance from published and unpublished studies from 2000 to 2021 as basis for a Filipino leadership model. Specifically, this are basis: To describe the features of the studies based on the following; First set is the variables of the study, the design, the participants of the study, and the last one is the characteristics of the leader. Generally, the study is based on the following recommendations; repetition of the study using a wider scope of sample size, application of the developed model for a Higher Educational Institution. In addition, author was advised to thoroughly checked whether the journals they were submitting the quality cheeks in the form review, ethical board and plagiarism checks; these would not depend on the author. On the other hand, the study concluded that the collected literature for meta-analysis were found to be homogeneous enough for comparison based the computed size effect. Preference on journals for publication through a pay to publish scheme were pointed out that the easiest way to publish a study is through a Higher Educational Institution. Majority of the results showed that positive values have correlation to a good leadership style. Thus, to design a Filipino based leadership model according to the results of the Filipino study that�s why from the analyzed literature the Moscosa�s leadership model was devised, a training program to support the developed model was created and the same model is to distribute to the workplace of the author and other educational institutions.

Characteristics of Filipino Leaders Towards Organization Performance

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  • Maria Liza, L. Moscosa
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