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Dorothea Foster is someone who doesn?t think highly of herself. She?s a young woman who has had to endure a lot. She winds up living under the same roof as her big brother. She always thought she made a connection with Cole Foster who sees her as nothing, but filth. She sadly can sense how he feels, but shoves down the truth.    
Family has always been important to Dorothea. She learns the same can?t be said for Cole who ends up making a shitshow of her life. Her only option was to live with her big brother since he was the only one who had the room. Her heart aches when he becomes a violent asshole whose secrets begin to unravel. Her brother is five years older than her with friends who seem to despise the whole world.    
She?s a clairvoyant who can pick up on a lot. She?s always seen things in her dreams or in her head while she?s wide awake-- things that happen after she?s thunk it. She thinks she?s crazy until she meets two different guys who help her understand her world. She?ll do everything in her power to rip herself from the world of abuse Cole is good at delivering her with. She?s sensitive to those around her so she can?t let herself continue being a victim.    
Especially not for a clairvoyant such as herself.

Clairvoyant - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084114
  • Paperback

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