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Human life is full of distress. Whether in family, society, work place, neighbors, hooligans, terrorists and even with God life is a place where clashes are very common. Through poems in this book, I have assembled many such clashes that make our life hell. This is a single chapter book. Main conflict is between men and women. Due to modernization women are empowered financially. They no more offer respect to husbands as it was earlier. They are now equal in all respects so far husband and wife are concerned. Then there are sextual freedom and rather infidelity that has been allowed as legal by law have made the societal situation very unstable.
Men traditionally ruled over women but now they cannot and this makes them frustrated and ferocious. Earlier there were class difference in society by intellect, virtues, education, spiritual status etc. But now everybody thinks equal to any other person in the society. No regards are left between each other. Lower classes uneducated rowdies now even attack higher class women to assault sextually. Usual sextual exploitation has increased inside family due to girls are now married at a much older age.  
God and human relations are also taken a toll. Earlier human was helpless and natural bigger forces used to kill them. Now with the help of science human has become powerful, as a result God has become relatively redundant. Atheists have increased by leaps and bounds. Clash is there also.
My book gives a flavor of all these.

Clashes in human life

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