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Lovecraft County is the state of the holidays, they take it very seriously, it's another world, even to distract, draw attention and disguise the truths, Tsuky Miki and Darkness had a plan to conquer other worlds, among countless allies, who should draw attention, among old teachers and allies that each of them was underestimated, in which they came from another reality, among their friendships and secrets and tales of moments from the past, following in a moment no one there came out unscathed, and they invested in various plans of romances tales of love and destiny, in crooked paths and conquests, dreams and desires, in which simply, they conspire, between elections and events, to rob the city's mobsters and psychopaths, discover secrets, investigate, involve associates, allies and friends, using to manipulate everyone, it was to plan without anyone noticing, everything was fun, everyone was being manipulated, among their contacts with the beings of the multiverse were involved plans

Collection Adventures Desires in Eternal Cities

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