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In a war imagine what happens if the same soldier whom we have put trust
to protect us suddenly feels other way. So in a pandemic which was even
worse than a war, the healthcare industry which was trusted upon by the
mankind to protect and treat got mutated.
Virus was an enemy whom we all knew was causing the devastation but then
it got the deadlier ally. And when they both mutated the devastation was
As a doctor who was in the middle of the whole war against the virus there
were day and days of events and real stories that happened around me. This
shaped my belief that if we forget this whole episode as a nightmare then
may be in future we will not be prepared for the worst of the pandemics.
I am a private medical doctor in the city of Ahmedabad in India. The city
was one of the hot bed for the Covid pandemic. We went through some of
the worst days of our lives. So when I put this side of the pandemic it will
be truth and only truth. I call upon all of you to go once again through
this pandemic with me and see if I have being correct in my assessment.
Could many more lives being saved is the question that will send the shiver
down the spine.


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