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It seems that age has no mark in Tran Thu Ha's poetry, in her inner strength of love and desire to share the treasure of poetry with the whole world. That makes Tran Thu Ha's poetry "pass the border", and she also steps through all the challenges and barriers of life for her beautiful verses soar from the soul.
These poems in this book written when the soul hides behind, it is made into a verse when it is nourished and distilled into leaven. Contemporary language is one of the requirements of the new in poetry, and it must be extracted from the soul of the author. The vibration in each word of her poetry is an internal force that awakens human love. Tran Thu Ha's poetry can last forever and grow by the time because she faithfully loved it.
(Hanoi Female Translators)

Dance of the River - Dust Jacket

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  • Tran Thu Ha