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A 19-year-old lucid dreamer named Abcdef Alphaveto starts to confuse her dreams and reality the moment Dodong shows up. Contrarily, Dodong was an unknown person who claimed to have been there in Abcdef's dream ever since. On the other side of the universe, Dodong is the last bloodline of the imperial family. He is a dragon blessed by the gods with all strength.
Dodong having a little too much power could potentially cause chaos, so the heavens have granted Dodong's romantic destiny in his dreams, where he can select his mate, but who is destined to be his weakness.
But what would happen if Abcdef was dragged into Dodong's world?
What would happen if Abcdef found out the meaning of her dreams and the reason for her existence?
What if she really is Dodong's weak spot? Will she merely stand by and allow Dodong to be overthrown because of her?

Darling of Fate

SKU: 9789357702744
  • Marilou Almano
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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