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Iris has been getting everything every woman in her age could ever dream of. She is a popular model and a daughter of a business tycoon. Sanay siya sa buhay ng karangyaan na inakala niyang pera ang nagpapaikot sa mundo.  Ganoon na lamang ang pagkairita niya nang sagot-sagotin siya ng isang gwapong janitor na nagngangalang Travis matapos niyang maliitin ang pagkatao nito.  Ever since their first encounter, tila ba lagi na lamang silang pinagtatagpo ng tadhana.  She thinks most commoners like taking advantage. He thinks most rich people are arrogant. She hates that she likes him while he denies that he�s falling for her.  Two different people from such different worlds apart.  How much more differences will keep them far away from realizing that they just want to be together?

Definitely out of his League

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  • Jeth Cano
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