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This book takes the readers on a journey, a journey of emotions, struggle, life, and death, and yes, Design Thinking. The book starts with an introduction to the author who is a strong-spirited girl and wants to have a long-lasting impact on this society. It touches on two aspects, one is Design Thinking which assures the solution to a given problem, and another is Cancer which has no solution but a predefined result. 
This book is a story about a brave mother and a brave daughter who fought for her mother, took on the challenges, her own professional and personal struggles, and the correlation between cancer, corporate, and Design Thinking.
On one side this book captures a mother-daughter relationship which makes one think a hundred times about their own family members, who lost their battle with cancer, while those who are fighting the disease. On the other side, it gives you the real industry experience of the author where she used Design Thinking.
Emotions run through each page of this book like the author herself is talking to the reader, narrating her experiences of losing both her parents and life without them. The author encourages readers to face any situation life throws at them with great determination and find solutions with the help of Design Thinking.

Design Thinking & I - Dust Jacket

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  • Diksha Pandey