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A green baby born in Wuhan that calls himself Luse was really ambitious and wanted to be a famous model, body builder, scientist and many other. But on finding out that he wasn�t any ordinary one but a virus, he changes his ambitions and sets a goal to spread his limbs to the entire world and get the world affected. With this goal, he begins to travel to all countries spreading his limbs and infecting all the people until he sees the sufferings of people in some hospital. He couldn�t
bear the vision of their depression. He stopped spreading. He even tries to die by suicide!! But after a conversation with his angelic and devilic side, he again decides to be a virus and fulfil his duty without his emotions coming into the track.
At last, there comes a vaccine called Pfizer, that made our Luse get a pyramid in Florida and a plan that can help him get to the middle of the Bermuda Triangle
and vanish away!!

Diary of Covid-19

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  • Gayathree Bala
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