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‘We need more young adventurers like Saachi Dhillon. People prepared to head out into what is for them the unknown.’
-          Peter Hillary
(Renowned mountaineer, speaker & son of Sir Edmund Hillary)
About the book
The story of a young woman’s journey to the Everest Base Camp despite limited trekking experience that will inspire even the hoi polloi to realize impossible dreams and prove that limitations exist only in the mind.
Despite limited trekking experience, Saachi sets her sights high and embarks on a 130-km long maiden trek through a region of outstanding natural beauty. The protagonist takes you on a sublime adventure through blooming rhododendron forests, gushing streams, and majestic mountain scenery. Along the way, the group braves many challenges - the aftermath of Cyclone Fani, altitude sickness, and extreme weather conditions. While two members drop out, will the remaining manage to pull through?

It is an inspiring personal narrative of grit, focus, and the weight that we carry in our lives.
About the author
Saachi Dhillon is a traveller and adventurer who has been to over 22 countries. She writes about her travels for leading mainline and travel publications in India and globally. Her love for the mountains has made her traverse many trails in the Himalayas and abroad.

Dreaming of Everest

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  • Saachi Dhillon
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