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Dreams of the Night Before: Ramblings of a Restless Soul is a collection of poems and little bits and pieces of the Author and his environment, inspired by a variety of things including nature, love and empathy. It is a collection of works on different themes including depression and the struggle that comes with it. Creative bedlam: Exactly the situation in your head as you thumb through the pages of Dreams of the Night Before, taking in the words sitting squarely, provocatively and unabashedly. You find yourself keeping up with and becoming one with the explosion of raw humanity into a haunting smorgasbord of emotions; none of them missing. The mastery which you will behold as you run up the page mileage is ordinarily associated with experienced hands, but every now and then, a sage such as Uchenna Anyaegbuna steps through the portal and reminds us that associating wisdom with only age can be a little reckless.
- Uwakwe Nwachukwu II,
Author, African Storytelling: Then, Now, Later.

Dreams of the Night Before - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083649
  • Uchenna Egwuatu Anyaegbuna 

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