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Since the beginning of Creation, man and nature have been in co-existence. A human life closely intertwines with nature�s elements, to the extent of drawing inspiration and lessons from mother nature and mother earth-all of which connote a feminine force. Life is about emotions, experiences of joys and pains, but what is important is to live life with its foibles and make it beautiful, a celebration of love like the rhapsody of nature - song of a flower, smooth solidness of a rock or murmur of a breeze.
The collection of poems and quotes written during the time of the pandemic, as much encapsulates the joy of birth with the pain of death, as it offers hope for the humanity in the face of the crisis. The sequence of the verses is a journey of the author�s emotional spills coming from her heart�s depth, some of them as responses to the events in the recent past in the Indian and global scene juxtaposed with events in her personal life.

Dulcet of Pink Petals

SKU: 9789355970268
  • Lata Vishwanath
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