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Major Vishal Vikram Singh Kinwar is returning home on leave when his whole family is wiped out in a terrorist shootout. He decides to fulfill the dream of his late father to find the real Dwarka under the sea. With the help of his friend Major Arunoday Singh Solanki, prince of Jahanpur, an estate near the present Dwarka, and his family, they discover the real Dwarka and its treasure, only to be challenged by the Chinese and the Pakistanis as the area is in disputed waters. In the face of destroyed radios, being shipwrecked upon an island being used by cocaine smugglers, and a battle on the sea involving the Chinese and the Pakistanis, the two friends and the family of the prince manage to retrieve some of the treasure. Amongst all this drama, romance sparkles between Vishal and the sister of Arunoday. All is well that ends well.


SKU: 9789358464870
  • Savita Singh
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