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Eileen McHugh - a life remade - is a novel about a sculptor whose creative life ended in the 1970s. She left no work, but now an archive of her notes and sketches has come into the possession of Mary Reynolds, who is determined to resurrect the artist�s life and reconstruct her work. She contacts people who knew Eileen as a child and as a student in London. Via these partial memories, she recreates the artist and her work.Eileen McHugh is an artist. She is a sculptor. She seeks no avenues of compromise in her work. Her career was short and unnoticed. Paradoxically, one of her works has achieved viral status on the internet via a photograph posted in the name of Mary Reynolds, who now wants to create a biography of the artist and a discussion of her work so that she can create a museum to display it. She has contacted Eileen�s mother and has the artist�s sketchbooks and notes. Eileen wanted to tell stories in her work, stories that arose out of the detritus of people�s lives, their bits and pieces of discarded trash. Her art, at one stage, is described as �off the wall� as well as on it. The form of the book, however, repeatedly illustrates how lives themselves mirror this state. The lives of people who knew the artist come to mimic new works created by Eileen, assemblages of life�s discarded bits and pieces.

Eileen McHugh - A Life Remade by Mary Reynolds

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  • Paperback

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