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Strong Manreal knows to himself that he's ill since the beginning. He was diagnosed with a common heart disease so he has to deal with a difficulty in breathing. He once lost hope but because of his undying promise to Earine, he decided to fix his life and work hard. 
When the girl returned, he will be tested by the same reason as above-mentioned. He never realizes that a simple encounter he had witnessed would trigger what he fears for so long. Then here comes a time that there's nothing he could do but to ask her one thing�and that is to leave him. When all were said and done, there's now just... erstwhile. Or is it?
For a love that is so young, toxic, and messy, is it possible to have it only once? Well, they say it must conquer all. And this story can prove you that.

Erstwhile Rookie

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  • Jomarie Beltran
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