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Hanna Yorie Galillian, a twenty years old girl who loves to play horror online games. But there's this one game that she like the most, when she has a free time or when she's bored, this game is her first pick to play. 
Escapar-- is the title of the online game that she likes to play. It's a kind of a horror escape game with different characters. The rules of the game is to find what you need to find in order to escape the haunted house, if you failed to find what you need and you failed to escape within five minutes, your team will lose and your character will be killed. 
Yorie became so good in playing this game, well she loves it so she knew how to run the game. But what if? 
What if one day, you thought you were just dreaming, you woke up in a strange place, you're not alone, you have a team. Then you realize.. 
You're inside the game and you need to escape in five minutes.


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