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"People often see peace as a missing piece of their puzzles. While some
might ignore the fact that without peace, our souls are not souls, some
are also battling their ways to find these pieces as if they were treasures
that needed to be found.
To be peaceful is chaotic poetry � no rhyme, order, or pattern, difficult
to understand, yet, still beautiful. To be peaceful is to create the most
genuine smile among the densest teardrops. And if you think it sounds
easy to say that peace is just within you, how come it�s so difficult to
This book shares how the author found nine pieces of peace and how
she understood her own version that no one is entitled to steal. This
book also talks about how a turtle and a puppy met and became friends,
how they went on a voyage to reach a dream place, how they enjoyed
the thunderstorms and suffered under the sunshine, and how they got
to know each other and learned things of great magnitude.
Like everybody else, you also deserve to find your own pieces of peace,
and only you can find out how�"

Finding Pieces of Peace - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082580
  • Princess Carmela Casa
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