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The year is 2027. A young politician leaves a failed political party in Delhi and moves down south to start her own outfit. At the same time, an engineer migrates back to India to start his own venture after his US company shuts down. As the two idealists follow their ambitions, they need to confront fickle loyalties of friends, the modern distorted forms of religion and hyper-nationalism, and the deep-rooted nexus between the political and corporate elite of the country which struggles to defeat the two rising contenders. It is an arduous but familiar road. Will they emerge victorious?
Fireflies from the Future is an exploration of some of the most pressing issues of our times � climate change and religious polarisation � through the stories of its two protagonists, Nikitha and Vikram. Brimming with insights, ideas and revelations about contemporary India�s politics and society, this book is sure to provide sufficient fodder for the mind.

Fireflies from the Future

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  • Abhishek Mittal
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