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five-thirty-four is a collection of 43 poems written out of the author?s weird thoughts and unstable emotions from her daily encounters of self-inferiority, self-doubt and heart predicaments. These poems pamper. These are bashful realizations. But, readers deserve to read these pieces because these were hurled to touch their egos and desires.
The poems were grouped into 6 topics. These are loving nature, love and confessions, the huge little things, overthinking, the best in life and the woman inside me.
These poems were not written in one sitting. They were extracted and channeled from the author?s experiences during her pre-pandemic and pandemic times. Therefore, this collection also serves as her journal. Her poetry is based on her experiences that if not all, most of her age can relate. These poems heal her, gave her courage and free her from strange prison of doubt. These poems will help the readers in confronting their own feelings not only the others. five-thirty-four is another Weng T.?s batch of masterpieces to bring influence in today?s literature.

Five-Thirty-Four - Dust Jacket

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