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"‘Flight to Freedom’ is a parable set in a common
household in India. It revolves around lives of pets in the
house and their outlook towards life. Some think that it’s
good to be in cage as all their needs of food, shelter etc.
are being taken care of. And then there is a rebel who says
that although there might be comfort, we can’t fly here.
Flying is a bird true nature and until they express it, they
will miss joy and ecstasy in life. There are debates among
them, occasional fights, and lot of drama.
The pets are symbolic of different characters and their
psychology that we find in society nowadays. We all
have something unique in us that creatively wants to
get expressed as our nature. Some are natural singers,
authors, Researchers, actors, painters, poets, athletes,
and the list go on. But there are many who suppress these
hunches and spend their time pursuing activities/jobs
to impress others and gain recognition/reward in the
society. Result, while they are “approved” by the society,
they feel an inner emptiness. “Flight to Freedom” is a call
NOT to ignore your inner voice and feel the fulfilment by
expressing your true self.
The society is such that some expressions are valued and
well paid(rewards) while others aren’t. One should still
not get tempted and express their authentic voice.
An insight into values -Familiarity vs Unknown, Comfort
Vs. Freedom. In this war of values, Who will win? Find it

Flight To Freedom

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