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Long time ago someone said that life writes the best novels. That is also a novel of Fluck, which was written by his human Mom. Andrijana wrote a true story of family, Fluck, Brother, Sister and their Mom. And everyone would thought immediately- one simple, everyday family. But, after a first few pages, you will realise that it is not like that. This family is aware that you raise through suffer and effort. That growth is only possible with faith in yourself and huge amount of love. Fluk is happy because his family is aware of that and they have a great love and strength for every family member Fluk lives in his human family a life of one child, „ in a skin of golden retriever I live human life”..Love is here very well presented and family cohesion is His development is similar to humans, except physiological necessities for safety and love, he could spiritually grow because of this family environment. The weird secret of the writer is his necessity to talk with the endearment about himself, and that soft description of his body…not disturbed not even with the lack of the father, because this family funcionate very well. This novel also helps children to understand better a way of thinking and the existence of all human beings, which by his birth had a negative experience. Valuable sides of this novel are an affirmation of real-life values, like family, fight for an existence (without violence), love, closeness with nature, and physical activities.   


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