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Neelakantan Ramachandran (1939-2015) was one of the pioneers in the field of Military Psychology with particular contributions for Naval personnel. He started his career in Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) and retired as Chief of Naval Psychological Research Unit (NPRU) in Kochi, Kerala, which was field detachment of DIPR. He has also served in the Service Selection Board, selecting potential officers for Army, Navy and Air Force. He was a Scientist who was clear in his concepts, precise in his expression and firm in his actions. He is my father. 
While he was the quintessential Dad, I grew up nonchalantly with my own sets of beliefs and standards. My father�s elevated status never mattered to me as I was concentrating on establishing myself as a consummate professional. Relationships took a back seat and I needed to act before being led into a downward spiral.

Flying Kites

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  • Gautam N Ramachandran
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