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This is a story of the future. NASA discovered a new planet with conditions favorable for our survival, “Bitentinati”. There are people living on that planet. Slowly, the people from earth moved there and settled there. After few years, the people on Bitentinati discovered another new planet. Frank Rubio, a BSRO scientist, analysed the changes on the new planet carefully for months and finally gave a statement, “The people of that planet had advanced technology. They might have invented a time travel machine. But, while using it, they were unable to control it. It resulted in destruction of the planet. It resulted in loss of stability of space time over some radius around the planet.” They named that planet as “Stalk”. After few years of the discovery of Stalk, Bitentinati faced a global threat, Overpopulation. Then, Billy Watson came forward with a project, “Inhabit Stalk”. As a part of that project, 1106 members from Bitentinati went to Stalk to settle there. They built a city on Stalk and named it, “Inception”. The patterns of time were different on that planet. Emily Watson studied the patterns of time carefully and gave the “4 laws of space time”. With the help of those laws, they constructed a time machine. Soon, an evil force called opposite parties entered the planet from the outer space in search for the ultimate power.

For time, For stability, For our existence

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