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Fragrance of Emotions is a compilation of short stories that will show a roller coaster of emotions.
In our daily lives, we may feel happy, sad, angry, or vengeful towards our lives, and we think that we have the most terrible life story ever written to the point that we would consider ending our lives. Little did we know, there were more people that were more unfortunate than us but still fighting for their lives. I am not saying to invalidate our feelings just because there are people who are living a more terrible life. I am suggesting that we try to embrace what we feel, rest, and then stand up and continue to fight and remember that blank page on the back of the book for you to write your own story or your own little ending that you wanted.
Fragrance of Emotions is just a simple compilation of short stories, but we never know, you might find the answer to your questions while reading.

Fragrance of Emotions

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