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Friends could be a part of life but after family. Does it
happen for everyone?
Just the way every individual is different and are unique,
friendships can be as well different for everyone.
Some would disagree with the fact that friends can?t build
your life or become the most loyal persons who would pull you
up when there is no one to support mentally and emotionally,
but I am lucky in this matter.
Life has given me jars of lemons and I had made lemonade with
those but only with the help of friends.
It is cool to show off with friends but getting the best Souls
for lifetime is earned and I did eventually from school till
A true story of my life which would make people visualize my journey with my friends and what true friendship means.
Thanking my friends would be a small word if I say but I dedicate this book to my friends who helped me get back to my normal life beating depression. 
I got my soulmate in the form of my bestie who does understand my feelings even without uttering and explaining a single word. 
Friendship is not just a special bond between two or more individuals but the reason to be happy, live with the confidence and believe that there are the ones who won?t judge you but listen to you, understand you and support you in the times of need. In fact, they can act as mentors and be bitter with words but won?t let you commit mistake that might be detrimental for you.

Friends Forever - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083839
  • Debanjali Nag
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