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This book with a title GLIMPSE is a compilation of motivational, inspirational, educative, informative and illuminating different types of stories. It promises three important things in life that in return could tickle the readers? imagination. First, this book will help to examine one?s heart, mind and soul as man reflects deep in himself if how he is living as a human person. Second, to meditate by means of reminiscing all the memorable happenings in his life in the past that shaped him to be the best person and re-shaped him to be the next man of excellence. Lastly, to guide him in discovering the innate human qualities buried deep in himself especially the power of love and be shared in the world. The perfect combination of the three objectives will empower him to be a man of wisdom, character and virtue as he lives in harmony with nature and society.

Glimpse - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083641
  • Tirso Gamba