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"Grandpa is always up to something, whether he is indoors or outdoors, and he makes life interesting and exciting for Diya and Manish (Manu). Then he starts behaving secretive about his new friend Mr. Raghuram and when they question him, he is evasive. 
In this set of seven stories, unravel the mystery of Mr. Raghuram�s identity � and then join Diya and Manu as their life turns upside down when Mr. Raghuram comes to stay. 
Whether it is a visit to the doctor or a simple camping trip or a sojourn on a farm or attendance at a local dog �fair�, Mr. Raghuram knows how to steal the show! "

Grandpa Finds a Friend & Other Rags Stories - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083197
  • Cheryl Rao
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