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Savi receives a love letter from Advocate D. Chatterjee. Reena, Savi's wife, suggests personally meeting the advocate and rejecting the proposal. Reena and Savi visit the address mentioned in the letter and find a man in his late fifties in the house, who introduces himself as D. Chatterjee. While Savi is contemplating an excellent way to reject his proposal, they find out this man is Diwaker Chatterjee, and Advocate D. Chatterjee, aka Dipu, must be his son, currently not at home. They wait for Dipu to return, but are shocked to discover that Dipu is not his son but his daughter � Dipanshi Chatterjee.
So which D. Chatterjee wrote the letter to Savi? What kind of a love angle, triangle or quadrangle - queer or otherwise - will it turn into?

Grey Rainbow Love

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  • Namita Das
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