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"Planjac is very interesting writer for children and young people. His books could be read more than once.

Academic Luko Paljetak (CROATIA)

Bajruzin Hajro Planjac saved originality of children storytelling, that is available and sincere.

MA Blaga Žurić, književnica (MONTENEGRO)

Planjac is a master of short and effective storytelling, full of humour and unexpected reversals.

PhD Miomir Milinković (SERBIA)

His books are made on adventures, dynamic and different interesting adventures from childhood, that are faithfully and realistically shown.

PhD Milutin Duričković (SERBIA)

Planjac is endowed with the ability to forget his experiences so that he could tell us from his ex- naive consciousness.

PbD Svetlana Kalezić Radonjić (MONTENEGRO)"

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