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To write poetry is to bear listening to the weight of heightened emotion in words. Poetry speaks through language. And the ?various-ness? of  human experience and reality is articulated through tropes or paradigms that proceed beyond the ordinary. Otherwise it can never be called poetry, It will not achieve the status of Art ...
This third collection of poems (Heartbreak: Poems) penned by Felino S. Garcia Jr. invites its readers to the various forms of heartbreak that are manifestation and consequences of the dark side of human existence from the domain of the personal and domestic towards the political collective. And yet the poems found here in all honesty reveal through a ?studied ambiguity? the understated fierceness of emotions --- sadness, anger, fear, bewilderment, pathos, longing, suffering and all the other psychosocial and affective predicament that since time immemorial have indeed defined and laid bare the ?perfect imperfections? of our troubled humanity. 
In short what this poetry collection can achieve, in the long run, is to assure us a feeling of redemption after reading through the poems. Each heartbreak is like a wound that leaves a hole in the soul. Each becomes an opening, a portal like a door or a window through which the salvific light comes in. Indeed, this whole verse-letting is a triumph marked by no less than an insight replete with redemptive luminescence.

Heartbreak Poems - Dust Jacket

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  • Felino S. Garcia Jr.