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Sabrina "Sia" Waters unleashes a whole new world she didn't know existed in all her years of living in Savannah, Georgia. A mystery begins to unravel as her romantic life takes a few hits. She'll stumble upon the Silver Cupid's Club to learn cupid exists, but there isn't just one. There are several different variants of cupid from the popular cupid to the anti-cupid. She learns that the Silver Cupid is rare and thought of to be extinct. 
          As Julian and October Blake attempt to convince Sia the Silver Cupid exists� Fabian "Fable" Pruitt enters her life. He's the last living Silver Cupid who's gonna play her heartstrings. He's also gonna change the perspective of Sia; falling in love as they go along. She's gonna make new connections, rediscover her familial bonds, and redefine the meaning of life. She's never once considered a love triangle or the outcome. 
          All's fair in love and war�especially when the Silver Cupid is involved.


SKU: 9789357701792
  • Madaline Clifton
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