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"For me, glancing back at the good times and forgetting the bad ones is enough."
School is the best place for a 20-year-old girl named Shane Labrador. Science, Mathematics, Literature, Libraries, Sports, Journalism, and Extra curricular activities have always been what she calls 'home' and unlike all the other teenagers who hate studying, it's her way of coping with the problems of life. That's why she loves it more than anything in the world.
Not until her ex-boyfriend becomes her professor and gives chaos to her happy student life. When Arthur Culpo, one of the bests Literature teachers in her school becomes the one that she would have to respect, obey, and be polite, it would be a whole year of crap.
No one knew about their relationship before. Even Shane's best friends. Things would be complicated when they get closer and closer to each other until her life gets ruined again after being peaceful for two years that she didn't see Arthur.

HIP #3: Forgetting The Old Us - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082913
  • Jyerrmou
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