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I am Prana is a self- inquiry with philosophy and human psychology. It starts with an analysis on the mind, rational, logic and knowledge and its distinction with intelligence and consciousness (Spirit). The book does have a lot of knowledgeable insight but dissects it with intelligence in the presence of the eternal present. The book looks at meditation as an exercise for clarity and a creative conscious life. It presents life in all its paradoxes without promoting any particular world view but sourcing wisdom from all schools from Greek to Hindu Philosophy and contemporary psychology. The purpose of the book is to get a deeper meaning and understanding of life beyond traditional jargon and philosophies. The book is an attempt to unite different world views with a common thread of universal wisdom for over all human development, peace, contentment and growth. The primary purpose of the book is to answer two of the most important questions in life, who are you? And where are you?

I Am Prana - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082880
  • Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj
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