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I am who You say I am is a short book written to give inspiration to the youth. It talks about how we subscribe to the set of standards imposed upon us by modern societies. This is a time when challenges are pressing, and the youth frequently find themselves trapped in microcosms of confusion.  With all of these in consideration, this book seeks to provide answers to those who are searching, a map to those who are losing their path, a motivation to those who are having a hard time understanding the wisdom veiled in various things. It encourages a search for an identity; for it is only by knowing the �self� that we can move forward to the right destination.
This book has two parts that are divided into four chapters. The first part talks about what the world tells us to be, coupled with the things that make us feel lost and confused. The second part on the other hand, echoes spiritual guidance that carefully leads us to our true identity with the help of biblical verses. It emphasizes the paramount importance of shaping a good character. It influences our holistic view of who we should be. 
This book has poetic parts. All the chapters are interrelated. The author advises the reader to abide by the sequence. 
Enjoy the book!

I am Who You Say I am

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