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Samuel Alozie Onyeche's 'Ijikrika; Canticles from Africa' is aged: like a Sage's counsels on life's mine-infested tuft. Thoughtful for our joys, Onyeche, like a Goldsmith, carefully and jealously laced his work with solar plexus-caressing mores and proverbs: Atones the silence of the duck fowl, teaching a great lesson to both the thievery eagle and chest-beating, effusive man.
Chief Anthony Ndubuisi Abagha,  Author of, 'The Children of Oloibiri' and twenty five other creative works in all genres, Nigeria.
Samuel Alozie Onyeche is an English poet from Nigeria. The quality of his poetry is rarely found in contemporary poetry. You can simply call him an extraordinary poet. are As soon as the first page of his poetry is turned, the sweet fragrance of Africa begins to spread everywhere. Far-reaching primeval forests, eternal rains, million-year-old cave dwellings, colorful wildlife, sky-high mountains, earth-age lakes, ancient civilizations, breath-taking hunger and street-to-street violence.
Dr. Jawaz Jafri: Winner of Human Rights National Ward And Frang Bordhi Prize.Professor of Literature at the College of Science Lahore  (Pakistan)
At first glance, I see Samual Alozie Onyeche to be very eloquent and well versed within the modern English Language. His variety in both complex and basic wording , accompanied with the importance of punctuation has and shall stand him in good stead.
Stuart Dann.Poet. 
United Kingdom.


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