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Ikalawang Koleksyon (Second Collection) is the second and combined collection of Filipino and English poems written by Ancel Mondia. The tula or poems compiled reflect diverse yet interconnected themes. The literary pieces collected are the products of human feelings and thoughts existing in multidimensional cosmos. They signify the depth of randomness and the beauty of ordinariness. They convey wisdom that gives life and serves as the essence of human spirits. The tula or poems mirror the significant realities of both external and internal spheres. The purpose of the poetess behind her collection is to confer meaning to the details of the big picture in its entirety. The poetess wishes to create an impact on readers as she combines poetic and conversational tones in her poetry. The collection unveils the marvel and creativity that constitute human existence. The poems are either a loud voice or a soft whisper to the senses but collectively they make connection to the consciousness. They deliver messages in various manners but as a collection they have a shared goal to inflict positive disturbance on the readers.

Ikalawang Koleksyon

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